Dr. V.Manoj's mission is to provide our patients the very best dental care in the most caring, supportive, and nurturing manner possible. We also believe in promoting long-term dental-health through the most superior treatment available.Our focus on esthetic and cosmetic techniques further supports this commitment to provide the best overall long-term dental care, and to enable our patients to look and feel their best.


Facial trauma can range between minor injury to disfigurement that last lifetime. The face is critical in communicating with others, so it is important to get the best treatment possible. In some cases, immediate surgery is needed to realign fractures before they heal incorrectly. Other injuries will have better outcomes if repairs are done after cuts and swellings have improved.


Facial symmetry is always considered one of the most influential characteristics for a beautiful face. Although we commonly believe the face to be symmetrical, in reality, typical symmetry is a myth. A noticeably asymmetrical face is considered unattractive or unpleasant and demands cosmetic surgical correction.


The hospital implant section collaborates internationally to provide world's best dental implants with the greatest long term success for patients seeking cosmetic dental treatments and rehabilitation of lost teeth. The hospital has its credit for the maximum number of successes in dental implant treatments using the latest implant techniques.


Distraction Osteogenesis is an innovative treatment option in cranio-maxillo-facial surgery. It means of stimulating production of new bone. In this procedure, the jaw bone is cut and the two arms of the distractor device are attached to the cut bone segments. After few days the distraction procedure is started. The screw attached to the device is turned gradually (1 mm per day) which pushes the bones apart.


The shape, size and appearance of the nose depends on the nasal bones, nasal septal bone (central bone of the nose that divides the right and left side) length, amount of cartilage and thickness of overlying skin. Besides these, the shape and size of the upper jaw and teeth alignment also defines the nose projection and facial profile.


Say the word - root canal or RCT and most patients pale a couple of shades. The pain/discomfort of an RCT is so well known that hardly anybody is willing to undergo the procedure without a great deal of coaxing. However an RCT is life saving - for your tooth of course. Basically an RCT allows you to retain a tooth in your mouth and serve you for a good many more years.


Laser treatment has several benefits. In most instances, it can be carried out without the need for anaesthesia. There is also markedly less bleeding and swelling. Decreased bleeding is due to the ability of the laser to assist in forming a fibrin clot. This eliminates the need for placing sutures (stitches) and wounds heal faster. And there's more. Laser kills the harmful bacteria and sterilize the working area thereby reducing the need for antibiotics


Orthodontics is the specialization of dentistry, which deals with correcting the bite and arrangement of teeth, thus improving the smile and function of the teeth. The irregularities of teeth are called Malocclusions and are an important factor in robbing one of a good smile. A good smile adds up to the personality of an individual.